An Interesting Phenomenon

Obama seems to have the support, despite supporters inability to explain why. Check out these links to a phenomenon that doesn't really have a tangible explanation.

Obama The Messiah (no, this website is not a joke):

Recycled Speeches:
Believe in Your Own Aspirations

Just Words

No Accomplishments, Lots of Support:

Asking Questions Is Easy, Finding The Answers Sometimes Hurts

I thought Barack Hussein Obama was the right choice. His books moved me, his speeches are amazing and everything about him seemed right to me. I firmly believed he was my voice...until I did some research and realized his voice and message was a tangled web of lies. Here's what I found out; I have no agenda here, but to save everyone some time by providing them with my hours of research. (Please use the links to verify all the information; I'm a stickler for sources...)

Change We Can Believe In?

First off, I DO NOT support Hillary Clinton. I'm still undecided and my primary has already come and gone, so... I am still dissapointed to see John Edwards out of the race; he was my voice and my candidate. In looking at the two candidates left after Edwards had to leave the race, I found some information that, as a good American, I felt needed to be shared, so I'm providing this information for people who may not have the time to spend hours researching the candidates.
"If you're having girl problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 Problems, but a b*tch ain't one."
This is the chorus from the SONG Barack used to celebrate his victory in Iowa. Obviously a dig at Hillary, coming off of John McCain being asked (at one of his rallies), "How do we beat the b*tch?" I guess Obama answered in his own way. The song played while he hopped onstage to a cheering crowd. The song is "99 Problems" by Jay-Z.

This is not the CHANGE I stand for. In it, Jay-Z refers to women as hoes and bitches, refers to their pussy in a derogatory way, uses a variety of swears and so on and so on. Why would a future president do this? There were women and children in that audience and yet, this song seemed appropriate, just because he wanted to stick it to Hillary Clinton? He also refused to apologize for this use of derogatory language and song. What kind of change is that?


In Obama’s speech tradition, here’s a list of things he’s managed to accomplish. Yes, he can...
Can Barack lie to the American people and claim that he didn’t vote for the war?
.YES HE CAN! Obama wasn't elected into the Senate until 2005; the vote for the resolution for military action in Iraq was voted on in 2002. He never voted against the war and in fact, voted FOR funding and continuing the war once he was elected Senator.
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Can Barack claim to vote from his heart, while using his Senate committees to secure endorsements for his campaign with hundreds of thousands of dollars?
YES HE CAN!! Barack used his political action committee to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians in key primary states in order to secure endorsements.

Can Barack call women “bitches” and not apologize for it?
YES HE CAN! Obama chose Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” to announce his victory in Iowa, saying “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” The bitch in question was Hillary Clinton, but the who knows who the bitch will be tomorrow or while he’s in office.

Can Barack call women bitches and hoes, suggest he supports family values but use a song that like “99 Problems,” prompting kids everywhere to start quoting it?
YES HE CAN!! Children everywhere took notice of the swipe at Hillary, some liking it, some hating it. Either way, they were singing along. Some even made YouTube videos. Do we really want a president that encourages this?

Can Barack miss key votes in the Senate, while claiming to work hard for the American people?
YES HE CAN! Barack has refused to make a decision and instead voted “present” over 130 times. On issues like abortion, gun control and all the issues he claims are important to him, Obama refused to do anything but sit there. &

Can Barack pretend to have a happy family life, when there are rumors surrounding his fidelity? YES HE CAN! Obama has been seen with other women but has not been caught in the act…YET.

Can Barack pretend to be a scandal free, different politician than the usual dirty politicians while his campaign contributors, personal friends, neighbors and business partners are indicted?
YES HE CAN! Obama traded money with Rezko after he had been indicted and revealed to be a crook. Rezko contributed to Obama’s campaigns in Illinois as well as his current run for president. He has not returned the money or made any amends for that dirty money he used to be elected in Illinois. Rezko and Obama bought homes next door to each other. Rezko is a man considered by many dirty, corrupt and a crook. Obama seemed to have no problem with this man even after he was indicted and decided this was the type of man to do business with. or,1,2716725.story or,CST-NWS-rez23.article

Can Barack pretend to have better judgment than George W. Bush, while making business deals with indicted criminals?
. &
. &

Can Barack say he is a candidate for change while Hillary Clinton is a typical politician in 2008, but in 2005, ask her to campaign for him and help raise money for him?
YES HE CAN! Obama asked for Hillary’s support and got it. She was a helpful factor in his election in Illinois. or

Can Barack claim to be sick of politician’s making false claims and promises, while making false claims and promises?
YES HE CAN! If Hilary Clinton is a typical Washington politician, why was he asking for her support, money, help, etc.?

Can Barack afford speechwriters like who worked for the Kennedy’s and are known for their incredible ability to motivate, while pretending to be spouting his own message of hope?
YES HE CAN! Legendary speechwriter Ted Sorensen has made Barack seem Kennedy-esque. That's no accident, since Sorensen has also written speeches for the Kennedys. Perhaps we should elect him president?

Can Barack also use speeches from films and movies and imply they are his own? YES HE CAN! Barack's speeches have noticably contained coined phrases from movies, like Robin Williams' Man of the Year.

Can Barack seem to be adored by media outlets everywhere, including the harsh Fox News, while keeping quiet the fact that one important speechwriter of his is the brother of a Fox New Exec?
YES HE CAN! Is it a coincidence that Fox News has been awfully gentle to Barack when his brother is invested in this campaign? I don't think so.

Can Barack claim he doesn’t take money from lobbyists when he actually does accept BOTH money AND support from lobbyists?
YES HE CAN! Barack’s campaign chairman in New Hampshire, for example, lobbies for pharmaceutical companies and has been very successful for those pharmaceutical companies! Barack excuses his himself by saying that it’s ok to accept money and support from THAT lobbyist because he only lobbies for pharmaceutical companies in New Hampshire. Oh, well, then, I guess he doesn’t think the American people will do any research to find out the truth. In fact, at least 3 lobbyists from WallMart, Lockhead Martin, etc., were on his campaign payroll, without Barack acknowledging this to the American people. Don't we deserve the truth? Read more here:

Can Barack continue to lie about not having lobbyist support? Can Barack even in a debate with Hillary Clinton (when she brought up this man's name) outwardly lie and claim that the man never worked with his campaign?
YES HE CAN!! He boldly claimed "That's a lie." He was, in fact, doing the lying. How can we trust this type of change when it's the same old Washington lie?


When I started researching about Obama, I just realized that he’s a typical politician, but with great speechwriters and a great speech style; these tactics have convinced people that he’s different. The truth is, when you research his campaign tactics and people, I learned these top six facts that surprised me:

1. He does accept support from lobbyists.
2. He didn’t vote against the war
3. His wife, Michelle, is a corporate lawyer, which he criticized Clinton for being some 20 years ago.
4. He made a business deal with an indicted crook, arguing that it wasn’t a big deal.
5. He voted to fund the war just a few months ago, all while giving speeches claiming that he doesn’t support the war and never did.
6. Barack refers to women as “bitches” and doesn’t find the need to apologize for it.

Final Thoughts of The Day...

If Obama thinks women are bitches, then why should women give him their vote? I mean, I don’t consider myself a feminist, but I think my mother or sister might deserve a little more respect than being referred to as a bitch. He thinks that it's presidential to refer to women as bitches and then asks for their vote? I guess the question is, "Who will be Obama's bitch?"